LIFT11 urban installations festival

LIFT11 was an urban installations festival, organized as part of the program of Tallinn European Capital of Culture. The aim of the festival was to build 11 temporary installations that would open up a discussion about the state and potential of public art in Tallinn. With very little activity in this field in Estonia at the time, the aim was to expand the potential of the everyday urban environment, highlight the different practices and user groups, and inquire about different layers of meaning embedded in certain locations. The majority of the installations was chosen from an open call that run in 2010, with a couple of specially commissioned later additions. A public preparations program held in MÄRZ project space preceded and accompanied the event with a number of discussion evenings, reading groups and screenings related to the issues of public art. 
Curatorial team: Margit Argus, Margit Aule, Maarin Ektermann, Ingrid Ruudi
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