Right Body, Wrong Body?

Exhibition RIght Body, Wrong Body? at the Estonian National Museum focuses on shifts and changes of the cultural meanings of the body over time. What is normal and abormal, natural or unacceptable are examined through Issues like birth and death, beauty and decency, food and nutrition, health and suffering, national body, technological and fantasy body. This broad range of themes was curated by a team of sixteen curators. 

The subsection Spaces Disciplining and Conditioning the Bodies focuses on the built environment as a reflection of social relationships and norms. Space is an agent of production, confirmation and challenging of power relations, and a means of conditioning and disciplining members of the community. These processes are acting upon bodies - what possibilities does a certain body have in a particular space. How is space divided, where does a body have access to and which spaces are restricred, what kind of rules are there to follow? Is the body visible and subject to observation and surveillance, or does it enable privacy? Does the space support individual expression or enforces communality? Is the space accessible or is it restricted for subjects of different gender, age, mental and physical ability, skin colour, nationality, and the like? Those issues are examined in different spatial typologies including housing, religious buildings, saunas, sports facilities, hospitals, prisons, etc. 

Exhibition information on the Estonian National Museum website

Curators: Kristel Rattus, Anu Järs, Anu Kannike, Ellen Värv, Karin Leivategija, Katrin Alekand, Maido Selgmäe, Reet Piiri, Tenno Teidearu, Terje Anepaio (Estonian National Museum); Ingrid Ruudi (Estonian Academy of Arts); Inna Jürjo (Tallinn University); Liis Ehrminger (Estonian Red Cross); Marge Konsa, Oskar Poll (University of Tartu); Toomas Gross (Helsingi University)

Consultants: Ken Kalling, Rebeka Põldsam (University of Tartu); Uku Vahur

Design: Ivar Põllu, Kristiina Põllu (Tartu Uus Teater)

Special technical solutions: Velvet

Photo series „Every day. Somewhere. Someone“: Liina Siib

Masks: Silja Truus

Tattoos: Allan Tuul, Bibi-Ann Kahk, Dmitri Volgirev, Karmely Sõrmus, Kätlin Malm, Torsten Malm

A Room of One's Own. Feminist's Questions to Architecture

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